Apple Blossom Festival! 2015

I know we are a bit behind on posting some events, but we were on vacation! Enjoy Amy Kratish’s photo’s from the Apple Festival!  

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Issue 14 Now Online!



Barefoot Boone at Engleheim Vineyards

      Great music and company every weekend at Engelheim Vineyards! Our last visit we were lucky enough to hear Barefoot Boone! We are doing an interview with them for our next issue.


Vets take on the Pourhouse Dragon’s Breath Wing Challenge!

They came… they ordered… they conquered! Three veterans, Tim, Steve & James, along with a group of friends from the Jasper District 9 Legion Riders saw the Pourhouse’s ad in The Best Of The North Georgia Mountains featuring a challenge to the brave and strong of stomach and stamina. 10 Wings, No celery, no ranch […]

Roy Road 02-web

Downtown Roy at Rocco’s Pub in Jasper (PHOTOS)

Downtown Roy with special guest “Mr. Bonjangles” appeared at Rocco’s Pub on Sunday. A Mighty impressive show it was. Not just because they sounded great (they always do) but because of the giant leap of the use of technology. Dudes! Wireless headset mics?! Sweet! While there we did a photo shoot for what I hope […]


The Beginning Gardener by Amy Kratish

CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE Beginning Gardener Story & Photos By Amy Kratish While spending the holidays in our North Georgia cabin, my hubby decided we would host an intimate gourmet dinner to ring in the new year. It is always a culinary adventure when my husband cooks for our friends and family. He is […]


Thia Says… Pay (Paint) It Forward

This is a story in progress, on Paying it Forward… On December 29th, I posted this on Facebook… FREE PAINTINGS! To work on myself and my bucket list… I have always wanted to paint. I am creative, but not artistic. Which means I can envision something amazing in my brain, but I can’t necessarily but […]


Dinner at The River Street Tavern With Melissa Waddell

    Here’s what we did on Wednesday night! We’ll have a story about Melissa, and her work at the Sheriff’s Office and as Deputy Coronor, along with telling you about the great food and fun at River Street Tavern in our next issue! Melissa Waddell, Sheriff’s Office & Deputy Coroner with Heather Simmons, Owner […]


Chicken Caption Contest Winners! It’s a Laugh…

WINNERS! of $20 Restaurant Gift Certificates! Here are the two we liked best: Holly Brown- “When I snap my fingers, you will act like a human.” Nancy White Fitzpatrick- “Okay, go back……waay back as far as you can remember. Now are you a Chicken or an Egg?” Holly Brown & Nancy White Fitzpatrick, two of […]


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